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High Gloss Finish - Decorative Plaster Finish

High Gloss

High Gloss is a versatile decorative plaster finish that gives your wall or ceiling a truly modern, high-end look. This technique is produced when a thin, decorative, plaster coating is applied in multiple layers, which are then troweled to a high-gloss finish. When troweled and burnished to a high gloss, the Venetian plaster gives the appearance of depth and texture.



Matte is a unique decorative finish that resembling the stuccos found in the ancient buildings in Venice. The finish is beautiful and due to the nature of the hand applied trowel finish each application is unique and one of a kind, characterized by tones and effects which depend on the application technique. This finish can be applied on various architectural elements, such as cornices and columns, as well as on flat surfaces like ceilings and walls. This finish can be personalized in a wide range of colors. 




Microcement is a decorative finish that can be applied to virtually any surface – tile, metal, plastic, plasterboard, cement, stone – making it a highly versatile way to introduce the look of concrete into your home or business design. Microcement is applied on-site by hand directly onto the existing surface in a thin layer much like plaster would be applied. Due to the hand-troweling application technique, the finished texture and look of the microcement is truly a unique expression of the artisan. No two microcement surfaces will look exactly the same!

The versatility of microcement is one of its largest advantages. With the ability to apply this decorative finish to everything ranging from walls, fireplaces, and stairs to countertops, bathrooms, furniture, and so much more, the design possibilities with microcement truly are limitless!



Whether it be gold leaf with crackle plaster to give an old antique effect from generations passed, or petrified wood effects and faux “board-form” concrete. We are able to use a variety of sheens and damask stencils to replicate wall papers in a seamless finish, even producing leather finishes for walls and ceilings. Another popular specialty finish is textured reptile or alligator skin in an endless amount of shades or colours. Massive gold leaf medallions, repeating motif tile ceilings and plaster relief – any design is possible and can be customized for your project.

Endless color and texture possibilities are made available for the interior and exterior of new or existing structures


Venulix Showroom-11


This finish brings a symphonic blend of rustic, shimmer, luster, elegance and environmental friendliness. It is durable, water resistant, mold and mildew resistant and will adhere to any primed surface and can be used to create a wide variety of decorative finishes. Mixing metallic washes with textured plaster can achieve stunning effects.




The concrete effect finish created by the lime concrete polished plaster is very on trend at the moment and gives a stylish and modern industrial finish to any wall. The lime and marble content give the finish the typical cold and smooth finish synonymous with the rest of the polished plaster range.

The finish can be as rough or smooth as desired by trowelling the finish or texturing, thanks to the properties of polished plaster the concrete can be applied quickly and seamlessly without the weight of a standard concrete block.




Main plasters used over a textured base with medium marble grains resulting in a stunning “carved” look within the plaster finish resulting in an authentic marble finish for any surface.


SurfaceCulture - Primer


We carry a wide range high performance, specialty  primers that penetrates new plaster, gypsum, concrete, cement and brick for optimum adhesion, and resists alkali, peeling and efflorescence. Contact us directly for more information on what primer is best for your project.


Protective Sealers

We carry a wide range of epoxy, polymer and ceramic coatings to seal and waterproof walls, ceilings and floors that keep your projects protected from time and wear. Contact us directly for more information on what sealer is best for your project.

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